Simply Sami

Simple: free from guile; free from vanity; of humble origin or modest position

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I’m at a loss

You know in Pocahontas when she is in the river and she doesn’t know which river path she should take…. I finally understand and feel what she is going through. They could both lead to great things but she can’t exactly tell where it will lead her. She has to take a leap of faith and trust that what she is doing is right for HER. 

Now, if only my life were a Disney Movie, making a choice would be simple because no matter what, you’ll end up with a happy ending.

But this is real life and I have the potential to screw everything up

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my dad ate a cucumber today and he was like “wow this is pretty cold” and then he just slowly put the cucumber down and stared into space for a really long time until he turned to me with wide eyes and quietly said, “oh my god. cool as a cucumber.” 

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